Challah Covers

Waves 2
Jerusalem with Pomegranates
Jerusalem 11
The Seven Species -- Shivat HaMinim
The Seven Species -- Shivat HaMinim (Black)
Pomegranates 1
Pomegranates 2
Pomegranates 3
Temple with Flowers
Temple with Flowers and Swirl Border
Stripes and Logo
Stripes and Star
Tree of Life 1
Tree of Life 2
Tree of Life 3
Agam-style 3
Agam-style 3 White
Metallic Swirl Border
Stars Border
Stained Glass 1
Stained Glass 2
Rainbow Swirls
Single Swirl
Squares 1
Squares 2
Squares 3
Flowers 2
Flowers and Star
Floral Border
Floral Border (alternate colors)
Winter Sports