Custom Designed Needlepoint (Embroidery) from Israel

Handmade Tallit bags, Tefillin bags, Atarot, Torah Covers, Hand-drawn Canvases, and More

Work with the artist to create your own unique design

Beautiful gifts for Weddings, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, Births, Anniversaries, or any special occasion

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עבודת רקמה לפי הזמנה

תיקי תפילין, תיקי טליתות, עטרות, ועוד
הכל עבודת יד

עבדו עם האומנית ליצור פריטי אומנות המותאמות לטעמך האישי

מתנות יפהפיות המתאימות לכל אירוע: בר/בת מצוה, חתונה, חגיגות יום הולדת ויום הנישואין, חגים ועוד
This website displays the custom-made needlepoint work and handpainted (hand-painted, hand painted) canvas or canvases of an artist who specializes in Judaica items, including: custom designed and handmade Torah Covers (also known as Torah Mantles, and also spelled Tora) as well as Parochets or Curtains for the Ahron Kodesh (Aron Kodesh); custom designed and handmade Tallit bags (or Tallis, Talit, Talis - depending on your spelling) and Tefillin bags (Tefilin,Tifilin, Tifillin, Tfillin, or Tfilin); Some people call Tallit and Tefillin bag sets Koracha; Lulav bags; Siddur (sidur) and Machzor (Prayer Book) covers and carry bags; and Atarot (an Atara, Atarah, Atorah, Atoro, Atoroh, or Atora is the collar of a Tallit -- its weight helps keep the tallis in place). Other spellings of this word are Atorot, Ataras, Atarahs, Atorahs, and Atoros.) The artist also makes kippahs. These are Jewish skullcaps and might be spelled kippa, kipa, kipot, kippot, kippah, kipah, yarmulka, yarmulkah, yarmalkahs, yarmalka, yarmalkah, yarmulkahs, yarmulke, or simply skullcap. Challah covers (also spelled hala, hallah, challoh, challo, chalo, halah, chaloh, challa, halla, or just Jewish bread) add something special to the Shabbat table. There are also matzah covers (matza, matzo, matzoh) to help make the Passover holiday (Pesach, Peasach) extra special. A needlepoint chuppah (chupa, hupa, huppa, marriage canopy, wedding canopy) makes a special addition to any wedding. In addition, there are also gifts and presents for babies, children and kids. These are chairs, stools, and boosters or booster chair or stool. You can also make wall hangings, pillows, and purses. These items make wonderful and very unique gifts for bar mitzvahs (bar mitzva, bar mitzvo, bar mitzvoh, bar mitzvah), bat mitzvahs (bas mitzvoh, bas mitzvo, bas mitzva, bas mitzvah, bat mitzva, bat mitzvah), chanukah (hannukah, hannuka, hanuka, hannukah, channuka, channukah), or other special occasions. They can be used on the Sabbath (Shabbat, Shabos, Shabbos) or any of the holidays (chagim, chag). The artist is happy to work with you to create the perfect gift.
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