Customer Feedback

"The atarot are beyond my wildest dreams! I cannot thank you enough." --RA

"I have just received the most beautiful tallis bag and Atara I've ever seen!" --MB

"WOW! It's Great, you did a Magnificent Fantastic Super Wonderful job. Thank you, we are very pleased." --SL

"We are both so thrilled, and we love it! It is absolutely stunning. You really did a great job with the colors and patterns and just pulling the whole thing together. Your stitching and color choices are beautiful. We are so excited to have it." --BN

"My experience with Lisa Sambol has been delightful. She is a pleasure to work with and was extremely helpful. My granddaughter picked an Agam Atara...and Lisa made it in the colors that my granddaughter picked and proceeded to send it to me in the US on time....she then helped me pick the correct yarn to use...all in all, it was delightful working with her! I am happy that I found her and even happier that I now have a new friend!!! What could be better." --SL

"I have to say that you are very talented. I never dreamed as to how beautiful it could look." --TS

"More beautiful than your sketch and than I imagined! Ever since my wife contacted you last summer, it has been a true pleasure working with you on my Atarot, Talis and Tefilin bags. Your creativity, talent, patience and professionalism made each project easy and rewarding." --JK

"It is a masterpiece. Yasher Koach for all your beautiful work." --LL

"It is beautiful. I love the details you put into it. Thank you for all your hard work in making my vision a reality." --RH

"The Atara is beautiful. Really appreciate your workmanship!" --HB

"Once I finish this canvas will order again. Thank you for your patience and responses. Pleasure dealing with u." --RL

"Sarah's stool is so beautiful, I can't believe how fast you did such gorgeous work." --MG


"I want to thank you for the magnificent tefillin bag. It is truly a work of art. Thank you for all of your efforts." --KR

"Beautiful! Thank you so much for your hard work and craftsmanship. You can be sure I will pass your name on to anybody interested in a unique atarah handmade in Israel!" --MS

"Just pick it up from the post office and it is stunning. It is more stunning in person than the pictures you sent me." --JK

"It is beautiful and exactly what we wanted. My daughter was thrilled when we gave it to her. Thank you so much." --EA

"Thank you for the beautiful talit bag. It exceeded my expectations and I have enjoyed taking it to shul and bragging it was a gift from my children." --SU

"Thank you for the magnificent tephillin bag that you made for Reuven. It is absolutely beautiful and Reuven was thrilled. He gets compliments almost every day. We appreciate all your hard work and would readily and enthusiastically recommend you to any and all who ask. Thanks again for beautifying our simcha." --JK

"Your stitch recommendations and attachments were terrific." --AB

"OMG! I love it:). The atarah came out absolutely gorgeous. You did an amazing job. I can't imagine it being any nicer then it is. It is perfect! And I got it in time for the bar mitzvah! Thank you so so much for all your help. You really went above and beyond for me and I appreciate it. I feel like I got a real 'custom made tallis and atarah'." --SF

"Thank you so much for the amazing job, they are just as gorgeous in person as they were online and my nephew was so happy with them." --SS

"The bag is one of the nicest bags I have ever seen, I'm so happy it's going to be used by son for many years to come. Thanks again for being a real pleasure to work with." --GS

"The tefillin bag looks beautiful. My husband, my son, my parents and I all agree. How often does that happen! Thanks again." --AP

"I can truly say that I am exceptionally pleased with how the atara turned out. It is truly a special and unique piece that will be treasured for many years to come. Your work is beautiful and I couldn't be more pleased." --DK

"I love how your designs are so easy to follow!" --AK

"Thank you for your very helpful notes and stitch diagrams. I found your material invaluable." --JL

"The Tefilin bag which I have been using is beautiful and the Atarah which is being sewn on my Talis is stunning. It was a pleasure working with you" --JK

"The tallit bag came safely and it is absolutely beautiful, and my husband loves it!! I will definitely recommend you to my friends!!" --DA

"My mother in law just completed and delivered the tfilin bag that you designed for my son Shmuel Baruch. It is a masterpiece. We are eagerly looking forward to having the talis bag as well. Yasher Koach for all your beautiful work." --LL

"Avi says he LOVES the bag as does everyone who sees it. It is beautiful!!!!!! We are thrilled with the results!" --MS

"I love it! It's just what I wanted. He had a big smile on his face. It made our day. Thank you for the beautiful craftsmanship." --MF

"Thanks for the BEAUTIFUL gift for Levi � it�s truly a treasure and I can hardly wait until Levi is old enough to sit in it!" --ER

"I had my husband�s tallis cleaned and the atara put on. He was sooooooo EXCITED and HAPPY. You would have thought he won the lottery! You did a GREAT job!!!" --MF

"I received the atara yesterday, and it is better than I thought it would be. It matches perfectly, and I am sure I will enjoy it immensely. Hopefully I will refer others to you." --BK


"I am really impressed at the high quality of the stitching, and how faithfully you rendered the drawing. It is really quite amazing. I may place another order shortly, and I will certainly recommend your work to people I know." --SB

"The atarah arrived and it is perfect!" --CS

"Outstanding! Your artwork and design was magnificent." --AM

"I just want to let you know that everyone loved the tefillin bag. You did a fantastic job. We look forward to sending more your way!" --LF

"I really like it. It is quietly interesting, and almost restful in its colors. Lisa, thank you thank you. This was a pleasure to consider and execute." --ZM

"The Atara arrived safe and sound and I am very pleased with it. I'll be ordering another for my grandson's Bar Mitzvah. Thanks so much." --EB

"We LOVE the canvases!!! I am so excited about them! Thanks again for everything!!!" --DF

"It is really beautiful and my father loves it! Thanks for the great work!" --DL

"The atarah arrived and it is truly beautiful. I love it. Thank you so much for your expertise." --EB

"Received and absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!! Thank you for making such an important mitzvah even more beautiful." --KR